Castle of Prague:

dominating the cityscape since the 9th century, like something out of a fairytale. A magnificent complex of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance structures, including churches, towers, battlements and beautiful gardens, it is now the residence of the President of the Czech Republic. Visit the old Royal Palace, the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Vitus, the Basilica of Saint George and Lobkowicz Palace, which houses a museum highlighting the history of the Czech Republic. Its high vantage point also offers a breathtaking view of Prague.

Address: 119 08 Prague 1, 00420 224 373 368,

Mala Strana:

the most charming district in Prague, at the foot of the castle on the left bank of the Moldava River. A mosaic of quaint narrow streets, Baroque buildings like the lovely church of Saint Nicholas, squares, gardens, small shops and atmospheric restaurants.

Golden Lane:

The most photographed street in the Castle of Prague with the colourful doll-like houses. In the 16th century, the alchemists of the palace holed up in these little houses to discover the magic recipe for making gold.

Address: Zlatá ulička, 00420 224 373 368

Charles Bridge:

the largest stone bridge in Central Europe connects Old Town (Stare Mesto) with Lesser Town (Mala Strana). Suspended over the waters of the Moldava River, with 30 sculptures arranged along its length, this is one promenade that should not be missed. Construction began in 1357 and was completed in the 15th century. Look for the gold cross in the middle of the bridge. According to local lore, if you touch it and make a wish, you will return to Prague some day.

Address: Karlův most

Stare Mesto Square:

the heart of Prague’s Old Town. Acrobats, jugglers, violinists, outdoor painters and tourists are all part of this impromptu street party centred on the square. Take a look at the Baroque church of Saint Nicholas and the twin Gothic spires of the church of Týn. Another Prague landmark is the Gothic astronomical clock in the tower of the old Town Hall. Don’t miss the spectacle when it strikes the hour: the metal figurines of the Twelve Apostles pop out of the clock every hour on the hour, as they have done since 1410.

Franz Kafka Museum:

visit the museum dedicated to one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, born and raised in Prague. Manuscripts, audiovisual materials and the author’s letters are housed in a graceful Renaissance building in Mala Strana where Kafka lived out his life and was inspired to write The Trial and The Metamorphosis.

Address: Cihelná 2b, 00420 257 535 507,

Alphonse Mucha Museum:

visit the Baroque mansion in the centre of Prague and admire the ethereal women depicted by the Czech art nouveau artist in the surreal posters of the late 19th century.

Address: Kaunický Palác, Panská 7, 00420224216415,

Dancing House:

an impressive avant garde building in Nove Mesto, the New Town of Prague, designed by famous architects Vlado Milunić and Frank O. Gehry. It earned its name because it resembles a dancing couple. On the top floor of this office building, you will find a charming restaurant overlooking the entire city and the Moldava River.

Address: Jiráskovo náměstí 1981/6, oo420 605 083 611

Jewish Quarter:

visit the Jewish Museum, the synagogues and the Old Jewish cemetery in Josefov, the old Jewish quarter.

Karlovy Vary:

it is certainly worth taking a short trip to charming Karlovy Vary, or Carlsbad, 128 km from Prague. The oldest spa in the Czech Republic, with 12 natural hot springs and the air of a Belle Époque city, it has always been a magnet for celebrities, from Beethoven and Chopin to Goethe and Marx. Hot geysers gush forth in neoclassical peristyles in this retro city of luxury spa hotels, Renaissance and Baroque buildings and shops selling hallmark Bohemia crystal.

Magical and captivating, perfectly laid out like an outdoor theatre set, the “velvet” capital of the Czech Republic has emerged as one of the most popular destinations in central Europe. Travel with e-ticketshop  to Prague, the land of Kafka and alchemists of gold, to the Bohemian storybook city on the banks of the Moldova River. With the enchanting castle, the medieval and Baroque atmosphere in Old Town, the hip jazz bars and cult beer houses, Prague lives its eternal spring in inimitable style. Meander through different eras with every step through this urban study in architecture. Wander among such landmark buildings as the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Vitus in the Castle, the Renaissance Belvedere Palace in the Royal Garden, the cubist House of the Black Madonna, the art nouveau gems of Pařížská Street and the avant garde Dancing House in Nove Mesto. Uncover the little secrets of the Czech capital around every corner: magnificent Bohemia crystal boutiques, temples of local cuisine tucked into old basement cellars and atmospheric hangouts where coffee is a hedonistic ritual. Take a romantic boat ride down the Moldava River, passing under the bridges arching over the quiet waters of the river in the heart of Prague. Make your booking now on for the city that Goethe called the “most beautiful jewel in the crown of the world”.