The Giza Pyramids:

symbols of Egypt, one of the seven wonders of antiquity and among the most famous archaeological sites in the world. Where the city houses end, the three tombs of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure appear in the desert. In front of the majestic structures stands their timeless guard, the legendary Sphinx dazing visitors with is colossal size. You can visit the interior of one of the Pyramids and ride a camel with the enigmatic monuments of Giza on the background.

Address: Pyramid Street Al Ahram,

Egyptian Museum:

If Cairo is “Umm al-Dunya”, namely “the mother of the world”, then its Museum of Egyptian Antiquities is undoubtedly the mother of all museums. The pink, 19th century building in the central Tahrir square is actually rather small to house the most significant collection of priceless Egyptian antiquities in the world, that are crammed in its every inch.

In the Royal Mummies Room, you will encounter Ramesses the Great, the Pharaoh who ruled Upper and Lower Egypt and now rests on thick velvet. The definitive must-see are Tutankhamun treasures, on the top floor. The radiance of gold on the objects accompanying the 18year old king to his trip to eternity is really dazzling.

Address: Tahrir Square, 002025794596


Al-Azhar Mosque:

this leading place of worship and education, the mosque-university of Islamic Theology with a history of one thousand years impresses with its architecture. A work of the 10th century, the Al-Azhar, with the three main minarets and elegant interior courtyard, is a harmonious complex with many additions over time, as sultans and emirs added their own touch over the centuries. You can visit its interior, such as the mihrab with the glass mosaic decoration and the prayer hall covered with carpet.

Address: Gama’ al-Azhar.

Saladin Citadel:

at the east end of the city stands the Citadel, an amazing medieval fortress of 12th century, which had been home to Egyptian rulers for over 700 years. General Saladin used even boulders from the Giza Pyramids to build its walls. Inside the fortifications you will see three mosques, towers, gardens, the Police Museum, the National Military Museum, while on the galleries you will enjoy the panorama of the vast metropolis of the Nile.

Address: Al Abageyah, Qesm Al Khalifah,  0020 2 25121735

Khan el-Khalili:

folklore at its best, the famous Cairo bazaar looks like it came out of one of the Ali Baba and Aladdin fairy tales. A maze of narrow streets and small shops where you can buy anything: fabrics, musical instruments, spices and oils, jewellery and veils, copper utensils and waterpipes. Make a stop at the Fishawi café, the old coffee-house with the mirrors, where Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz and the Egyptian intelligentsia used to hang out in the 19th century.

Address: Al-Hussein square

Gezira island:

a truly green oasis in the middle of the Nile, Gezira island looks more like a part of western Europe than one of Northern Africa. From Tahrir square, the elegant Qasr al-Nil Bridge leads to the island with the villas, the embassies, the Opera, the Egyptian Modern Art Museum and the luxurious hotel that used to be the palace of the Muhammad Ali dynasty. Climb on the 187meters tall Cairo Tower to enjoy the view of the city and the Pyramids.

Cruise in the Nile:

Contemplate Cairo from the perspective of the Nile, on a boat trip at its banks day or night, over dinner with oriental music or take a felucca for a ride on the river. You can book a cruise at hotels and travel agencies.

Vast, bustling, controversial, the Egyptian capital with a population of sixteen million on the Delta Nile, will travel all your senses back in time. Book your flights with  and land in the largest city in Africa and the entire Arab world.

A metropolis full of memories and legends, colours and scents, unique sounds and an appetite for life. In Cairo, history, grandeur and controversies are mingled in a magical mosaic: pharaonic monuments, Christian churches and mosques, bazaars and palaces, the smoke of the waterpipes mixes with traditional tunes.

Explore the “rose of the Nile” using the emblematic Tahrir square as your starting point, a noisy crossroads full of people and traffic day and night. Wander in Islamic Cairo on the east bank of the Nile, with its narrow streets and majestic mosques.

In the south outskirts of the city stretches Coptic Cairo, the labyrinthine neighbourhood with living memories of the first years of Christianity in Northern Africa. The quiet, narrow streets will take you to historical churches, such as St. George, the ancient church of St. Sergius and the famous Hanging Church. Book your flight now at and travel to the capital of Egypt, the ancient land of the Pharaohs with the unique vibes.